I KILLED THE PROM QUEEN       Music For The Recently Deceased
Golf Records (release: February 5th, 2007)

It's uncommon but there is an Australian act which doesn't play Hard Rock like AC/DC or ROSE TATTOO. They are young (maybe it's the reason) and have recorded in Sweden (maybe it's the reason). Produced by famous Fredrik Nordstrom, you can find all the home style stuff on this album, which won't help them to create their own identity in the end, even if some tracks are a little bit more in a Hardcore genre. In a few years, maybe...Laurent

Spinefarm Records (release: February 7th, 2007)

Doom-Death doesn't inevitably mean bloody heavy. It's the case with SWALLOW THE SUN, originated by Juha Raivio (ex-PLUTONIUM ORANGE) who picked in some other groups to start an efficient line-up. From that moment on they haven't been idle since, after a first demo released in 2003, Hope is already their third album, achieving to be the first Doom Metal band ever to enter the charts in Finland. What planet is this ?
With Death voices and clear singing shared on mellow melodies, SWALLOW THE SUN will allow you to spend a pleasant meditative moment, even if sometimes it gets excited a little, as on The Empty Skies, without splitting your eardrums however.Laurent

NIKKI PUPPET       Militant Mother
Armageddon Music (release: February 16th, 2007)

A second album is often a moment of truth for a band. For NIKKI PUPPET, this time, you can notice that the songs are not as quickly catchy as on Puppet On A String, released a little bit more than a year ago, but the Heavy Rock of Nicky Gronewold's gang is still pleasant, as on the cover song of a Billy Joël's hit, We Didn't Start The Fire. Maybe it's also the sign that the group is more mature and that they have written more complex songs. It's worth keeping an ear on…Laurent

ROSE TATTOO       Blood Brothers
Armageddon Music (release: February 16th, 2007)

This the brand new album of this legend coming straight from Australia. With a regret, the death of guitar player Pete Wells in 2006 (the album is dedicated to him) but masterfully substituted by Dai Pritchard on slide guitar. In opening, they play a cover song, Black Eyed Bruiser, composed by the Vanda and Young duet for an unrecognized artist who's also from the kangaroos land, Steve Wright.
With Blood Brothers, Angry Anderson's gang is back in force.Jean-Luc

LAETHORA       March Of The Parasite
Osmose Productions (release: February 19th, 2007)

Just to have a little fun, this is a new parallel project set up by Niklas Sundin (DARK TRANQUILLITY's guitarist) and three musicians of THE PROVENANCE, a Gothic Metal band. And the result is... surprise... bloody old school Death Metal ! Nothing's really new so but these guys have a wild by coming back to their first love. The whole thing being convincing however, thanks to the hint of modernism brought by a flawless production, it will remind you good memories.Laurent

LOVEHATEHERO       White Lies
Ferret Music (release: February 19th, 2007)

White Lies is the second album of these young Americans in their early 20s. Grown up the hard way during two years on the road, the five pack entered the studio with producer Cameron Wells (SOCIAL DISTORTION) to record this ten songs piece. OK, they look like cover boys for teenage chicks magazines and your little sister will probably scream: "Oh my god, they're so cute !" but never mind, their heart beats to the HxC rhythm, no doubt. Melodic HxC, indeed, and the guitars have some kind of a Metal touch. There's a Screamo touch, too (and your little sister will get back to TOKIO HOTEL there), but it's not too intrusive. This new wave of American HxC (N.W.O.A.H.C. ?) owes a great deal to bands like SHELTER and BAD RELIGION, but not only. One could find worst references, indeed.David

SIRENIA       Nine Destinies And A Downfall
Nuclear Blast (release: February 23rd, 2007)

H.C. Andersen must be spinning in his grave: his legendary siren has left Denmark for a not-so-distant shore. She's now singing in a Norwegian band under the name of Monika Pedersen. She's the new vocalist of Morten Veland's SIRENIA (formerly in TRISTANIA). No one would have fitted best for a band with such a name, as Monika has one of the most charming voices around the Gothic Metal shores. Sweet, mysterious, a little broken sometimes, as if she was carrying the burden of hundreds of sailors tragically drowned for answering her call. Of course, it would be unfair not to mention the talented Mr. Veland for writing and playing this original soundtrack for the renowned episode of Ulysses' saga. Nine Destinies… is not the darkest, desperate kind of Gothic Metal but the symphonic arrangements and choirs will rather suggest some kind of very original Epic Gothic Metal.David

PSYOPUS       Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Metal Blade Records (release: February 26th, 2007)

Here's a band hard to label. Maybe it's a will so it's a success 'cause it goes in all directions any time. PSYOPUS' Progressive Metal is very technical, too technical for sure, making it affordable to a few initiated people only.Laurent