STORMWARRIOR       Heading Northe
Dockyard 1 (release: March 3rd, 2008)

Here's German band's third studio album yet, inspired by 80's Metal scene. I guess their idol must be Kai Hansen as their music sounds like GAMMA RAY's, among others. So, if you love Power Speed, Heading Northe is for you.Jean-Luc

WHITE LION       Return Of The Pride
Frontiers Records (release: March 14th, 2008)

16 years after Mane Attraction, their former studio album, Mike Tramp and his band are back but without Vito Bratta on guitars, now replaced by Jon Levin, who's quite skilful too. Still beautiful melodies and an unmistakable brilliant voice but he won't be able to remake a Pride #2, his best record to date.Jean-Luc

CORPORATION 187       Newcomers Of Sin
Anticulture Records (release: March 31st, 2008)

More than five years after Perfection In Pain, CORPORATION 187 comes back with Newcomers Of Sin, born in… pain ! Whereas they favoured fastness on the previous outlet, they have notably slowed down the tempo this time.
Although the first song, Provocking The Prophet, is reminiscent of Perfection In Pain's style, the rest of the album is quite different. Every track is much more technical but fortunately without falling into Metalcore, despite Filip Carlsson's yelling, but it's sometimes a borderline case ! There are permanent changes of rhythm, mellow passages on In The New Messiah, haunting melodies such as on the instrumental Procession or Stoner sounding guitars (Suffer As One) while the double bass drum hammers your brain most of the time. But don't worry, you still have a couple of fast songs (My Sickness and Teaching The Sick, Feeding The Dead) for your thirst of brutality.
CORPORATION 187 in 2008 ? A new way to overcome listeners now !...Laurent