CATTLE DECAPITATION       Karma Bloody Karma
Metal Blade Records (release: July 3rd, 2006)

For about ten years, CATTLE DECAPITATION's concept may have confused but at first sight only. Actually, if everybody knows the musicians are vegetarians, their unequivocal sleeves artwork (such as Humanure in 2004) inform us on their inclination for gore and misanthropy. Gone from Grind at the start to a still so intense and devastating Death Metal, despite they have changed tracks length, they'll hunt you without a rest to pay the penalty for all your faults, you wretched humans !
Give me a large slice anyway…Laurent

LACRIMAS PROFUNDERE       Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts
Napalm Records (release: July 10th, 2006)

Girls will swoon again over the warm deep voice of cute Christopher Schmid !
Much more dynamic than the first records, Filthy Notes For Frozen Hearts is full of swinging songs such as Again It's Over or Sweet Caroline, helped by loud guitars and a relentless rhythmic, in spite of quieter moments now and then. So, this heart-warming album is for boys too !...Laurent

COMITY       As Everything Is A Tragedy
Candlelight Records (release: July 24th, 2006)

A brand new and original concept: an album with a unique 70 minutes song, without any title and cut in 99 tracks ! You'll just have to manage with it, guys !
That's what COMITY and their furious Hardcore suggest to us. Can't do anything like anyone else those Frenchies !...Laurent

VOIVOD       Katorz
Nuclear Blast (release: July 28th, 2006)

Great return in VOIVOD's particular universe.
So, you are caught or not but you need to listen to the songs several times to fully appreciate all the nuances of this timeless album and in the end, to realize that VOIVOD remains a cult band. And despite the tragedy which has occurred recently, it could still last many years...Laurent