Pierre-Marie E. REVERDY       Illuvatar
Rupture Music (release: July 1st, 2008)

Illuvatar is the solo project of French LEX TALIONIS' guitar player Pierre-Marie Reverdy. All along the seven tracks, the drums and the narratives confer a martial side to his music. And with the use of a guitar-synth (as well as electric guitars), he leads us in a world of a next century, ruled by a military dictatorship. That's the way I feel the situation anyway.
It's not just one more album from a guitar hero again… well… it is but the whole thing brings an original and personal touch to this kind of project. For the rest, fans of instrumental technique may appreciate the virtuosity of the artist…Laurent

Metal Blade Records (release: July 28th, 2008)

Let's have some fun now! AUSTRIAN DEATH MACHIINE (yeah, with two "I") is the hilarious solo project of vocalist Tim Lambesis from AS I LAY DYING who pays tribute to Arnold Schwarzenegger and its incredible career, from the young bodybuilder in Austria to the governor of California, despite his awful accent! But Lambesis doesn't sing this time. Hey, wait a minute. What does he do then? Well… he plays all instruments! A certain Ahhhhhnold (truly!) has the singer position on this funny concept, also imitating mighty Arnie on the many interludes which introduce songs based on the famous actor's movies.
Great! But what about the music? Well… it's another tribute to the best 90's Thrash Metal and with a huge production of today (made by Lambesis himself), you will jump everywhere like a bunch of fools! But it makes you feel so good! And you have the obligatory guitar solo on every track here, played by many guests from bands such as KILLSWITCH ENGAGE, AS I LAY DYING, DAATH… to name but a few. But don't miss the last "song" Not So Hidden Track and its final joke. The suspense will kill you! Hasta la vista, baby!Laurent