THE ARCANE ORDER       The Machinery Of Oblivion
Metal Blade Records (release: August 14th, 2006)

Typical Thrash Metal but dead effective, helped by a huge production. A must in the genre.Laurent

UNEARTH       In The eyes Of Fire
Metal Blade Records (release: August 14th, 2006)

No respite on this album, it's a punch-up from start to finish, except between tracks maybe, but only just...
Even so, it is to be noted, to get your breath back, a passing reference to the Swedish school on So It Goes.Laurent

TERRORIZER       Darker Days Ahead
Century Media (release: August 21st, 2006)

With two albums released 17 years apart, you wonder if TERRORIZER's Thrash-Grind-Death mix isn't out-of-date and if they are able to bring something fresh and current. Thanks to the musicians' background in some other bands and to the up-to-date recording technology improvement, the answer is fuck yeah !Laurent

MISERY SIGNALS       Mirrors
Ferret Music (release: August 22nd, 2006)

Born from the Milwaukee Hardcore scene, MISERY SIGNALS has actually risen from the merging of two groups, one American and the other Canadian. Very practical for rehearsals ! On this second album, you can find a new singer who has been recruited through a virtual audition, recording his vocal part on an instrumental track available on their website. You can't stop progress ! Moreover, he's an axeman by trade and has never sung in another band before !
The result is a contrast between a quite "light" music and a Hardcore singing but on rather slow tempos.Laurent

FRONTSIDE       Twilight Of The Gods
Dockyard 1 (release: August 28th, 2006)

For a long time, Poland is a breeding ground for extreme Metal groups which had to champ at the bit for many years behind the iron fence. Following the example of older brothers such as VADER or BEHEMOTH, quality bands are on the same path and start to spread well, although not as massively as their plumbers colleagues (yeah, you can say they're into Metal too) !
FRONTSIDE is part of the batch and after they got a Grammy Award in their home country in 2003 for the best Heavy Metal album of the year, they've managed to assimilate all their influences and, with Twilight Of The Gods, to unite energy and melody brilliantly.Laurent

POISONBLACK       Lust Stained Despair
Century Media (release: August 28th, 2006)

Obviously, the common point being the singer, the musical parallel with SENTENCED at a certain period will be quickly established, even if you feel a real will to stand apart very hardest.
Excellent, so !Laurent

SHATTER MESSIAH       Never To Play The Servant
Dockyard 1 (release: August 28th, 2006)

If you are an ANNIHILATOR freak, you should like this album. Why ? Just because Curran Murphy (guitar) and Robert Falzano (drums) have been part of it. We have a blend of Heavy Metal and classical Thrash here. So, it's for the die-hard fans of this genre.Jean-Luc