DIABLO SWING ORCHESTRA       The Butcher's Ballroom
Candlelight Records (release: August 13th, 2007)

Hey, we always complain that we don't receive a lot of original stuff ! This time, we get more than our share with these Swedes wearing 17th century suits and led by a female opera singer. For the musical part, nor bad is it, with influences from Jazz to Mexican Mariachi or oriental Folk, with violins, cellos, piano, trumpets and dijeridoo ! They should have kept some ideas for the next album 'cause we don't know what they'll think up then... it may be scary. But we had a lot of fun this time anyway !...Laurent

FUELED BY FIRE       Spread The Fire
Metal Blade Records (release: August 13th, 2007)

A little journey in the time machine and we're back in the late 80s or early 90s. And it's not a re-release but the first record of a Californian act which has probably come out from a couple of years' hibernation (well... in California...). Every typical ingredients of this period are present: artwork, sound, singing, riffs, chorus, black leather jackets... and so on. Enough to rush into the mosh-pit ! Ah... how great it was... at the time...Laurent

MALEFICE       Entities
Anticulture Records (release: August 20th, 2007)

For a first album, British MALEFICE are already on top. You might say it's still some good huge Thrash heard millions of times but it wouldn't be true, you backbiters ! Because when you scratch a little, you realize they don't want to link riffs like those who string pearls in their back jeweler's. No, their music is definitely not linear: Death Metal styled voice on Risen Through The Ashes, syncopated rhythms (Into A New Light), a melodic break on Dreams Without Courage, the whole in top gear, yet broken by dead heavy passages. The icing on the cake: the last part of Entities is quite "atmospheric" sometimes, as on Horizon Burns or A World Deceased, not to mention the instrumental Empirical Proof. And with many jumping breaks, we really feel we have a stage-suited group which shows a large overview of extreme Metal but still keeping it accessible to the ordinary man.
So, for young people who musically try to find themselves and would join us in our crazy world, MALEFICE is the band they need !...Laurent

GRAND LUX       Carved In Stone
Ulterium Records (release: August 31st, 2007)

If you're a big fan of 80's Metal, the second album of these Norwegians is made for you. Singer Phil Goode has a particular voice close to STRYPER's Michael Sweet on certain tracks but it's not White Metal.Jean-Luc