VADER       Impressions In Blood
Regain Records (release: September 4th, 2006)

A grandiloquent intro as an appetizer and here we go ! The veterans but also leaders of the Polish scene are still there. With some heavy, mid-tempo and hyper-fast pieces within the songs alternately, the listener is still overcome with a heaviness feeling at last, just upset by some relentless and devastating solos which turn up when you are not waiting for. And a few orchestral parts you can find sometimes complete this brutal masterpiece which will make a good impression… in blood.Laurent

A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE       In The Disaster
Metal Blade Records (release: September 11th, 2006)

First point with A LOVE ENDS SUICIDE: the band is comprised of five members, four of them being brothers ! If you don't have any cohesion with that, you should chuck it all ! And not satisfied for having spent their youth in family, the Californian guys have travelled all over the United States, in a small tour bus, to promote their first self produced EP, in a Progressive Rock-Metal vein at the time. This stage background have made their music much heavier which becomes, on this first album, classic Thrash with clear voice pieces and some Hardcore influences. The American band, or what !?Laurent

ALLFADER       At Least We Will Die Together
Osmose Productions (release: September 11th, 2006)

Here is a band hard to figure out 'cause you have for all tastes ! Vocally and musically as well, all is here: Thrash, Death, Black, with sometimes typical Heavy Metal riffs and solos. They just have to add A.O.R. or Progressive Metal on the next album and it will be the right plan to attract loads of people to their gigs !...Laurent

GOATWHORE       A Haunting Curse
Metal Blade Records (release: September 11th, 2006)

What doesn't kill you makes you stronger: it could be the motto of GOATWHORE which, after having hardly survived a van crash, had to face 2005's Hurricane Katrina. Fuck, they are based in New Orleans, it wasn't the right place to prepare this third album ! As a result, their rage is increased tenfold and you can feel it in their Thrash-Death enhanced with Black Metal, as to ward off bad luck…Laurent

HYPNOSIS       Seeds Of Fate
Bent Records (release: September 11th, 2006)

Welcome to HYPNOSIS' cyber-death universe, where the industrial atmosphere is humanized by Cindy's vocal interventions. Brilliantly recorded in their own studio, this fourth album sees Patrice coming back on bass guitar, forming the primary trio again, keener than ever.
We had a mighty French pun here, relating to the origin of the musicians, but unfortunately impossible to translate. Sorry.Laurent

TO-MERA       Transcendental
Candlelight Records (release: September 11th, 2006)

With a former bassist of EXTREME NOISE TERROR starting a new band, you can expect what the music will sound like. Well, not at all because, with Julie Kiss on vocals (ex-WITHOUT FACE), Lee Barrett releases a bewitching album, where Progressive Metal, mellow acoustic pieces and melancholy keyboards are linked together, with some accelerations occurring without warning. The music is highlighted by Julie's wonderful voice here, who doesn't make tons for all her undeniable abilities, a real proof of maturity for a first attempt.Laurent

SYRENS CALL       Against Wind And Tide
Brennus Music (release: September 13th, 2006)

Changing the singer in a band is always a difficult transition and sometimes fatal. Don't worry about SYRENS CALL because the arrival of Soraya doesn't mean revolution, with a vocal style quite close, still more powerful, to the one of Valérie, the former singer.
On the musical side, not as complex songs as on the first two albums for a maximum effectiveness and this mini-album, on which you can find three new tracks, the instrumental Aquatic Coma in a new version and a DEPECHE MODE cover song, will allow to wait until seeing them back on stage at last.Laurent

KROKUS       Hellraiser
AFM Records (release: September 15th, 2006)

What you can say about this 30 years old Swiss band: they've been always compared to AC/DC but they are into that ! They have even so released good albums like this one. It's still Marc Storace on the mike and his voice like Bon Scott, so… the lovers of this style won't be disappointed.Jean-Luc

ANSUR       Axiom
Candlelight Records (release: September 18th, 2006)

We've got one ! Yes, a rather original Black Metal band at last, with an unusual guitar sound and the coldness of a post-nuclear atmosphere.
For a first album recorded at home, riddled with Progressive stuff, haunting melodies and a few acoustic guitars, ANSUR already stand apart. Nevertheless, a better production would have allowed them to turn this trial shot directly to master shot. We can't wait to hear the next one.Laurent

INSOMNIUM       Above The Weeping World
Candlelight Records (release: September 18th, 2006)

With three albums behind 'em even so, INSOMNIUM is in keeping with Scandinavian melodic Death Metal circles, typical but high-class. But it comes at the wrong time, they are Finnish !...Laurent

PHAZM       Antebellum Death 'n Roll
Osmose Productions (release: September 18th, 2006)

The happy nuts of PHAZM are back with a different aggressiveness, more considered, compared to the first album. The programme is: harmonica, kidding, necrophilia (with a tasteful interlude) and Rock 'n Roll... well... Death 'n Roll !Laurent

SLIT       Ode To Silence
Anticulture Records (release: September 18th, 2006)

Malt is a cereal, generally barley, being germinated and dried in an oven. Then it is reduced to powder to use it at the end in beer brewing or whisky distillation. You can also... what ?... really ?... a band from Malta ?... Sorry.
SLIT is from Malta so, which is rather uncommon and apparently, they've got electricity on their island and use it well ! On varied songs, between Thrash and Hardcore, they even renew the style, which really needs it, with smooth passages, just before launching all the aggressiveness you expect and crushing everything on the way. Only one little mistake: Ode To Silence, unsuitable as a title !...Laurent

TANGAROA       Day
Anticulture Records (release: September 18th, 2006)

This five tracks EP (actually three if you forget the intro and an interlude) is musically perfect, thanks to the musicians' good technique, playing rather in a Prog' Metal vein tinged with many influences such as Jazz. On the other hand, the monochord yelling of the singer falls the ambiance off and it gets even painful in the long run. It's a pity.Laurent

AMON AMARTH       With Oden On Our Side
Metal Blade Records (release: September 25th, 2006)

New offering from AMON AMARTH vikings to Oden but also to the fans of their melodic Death Metal, without any great surprise but still effective.Laurent

HYDROGYN       Bombshell
Underclass Music (release: September 27th, 2006)

Beware of the attractive cover picture because you ought to listen to what is on the CD first ! Some good US Metal as Americans know obviously how to do it but that's their first album so take care, although the singer, Julie (the one on the sleeve), has a beautiful clear voice too. You can find two American and European versions of this album, with a different cover song on each: Back In Black of AC/DC and 18 And Life of SKID ROW respectively. And the whole thing is produced by Michael Wagener (OZZY OSBOURNE, SKID ROW, ALICE COOPER... etc), a recommendation...Jean-Luc