AGE OF NEMESIS       Terra Incognita
Magna Carta (release: January 29th, 2007)

This album was originally released in 2002 in Hungaria, homeland of these five guys. They had already recorded two albums with Hungarian lyrics under the moniker of NEMESIS (Nemesis, 1998 and Abraxas, 1999). Terra Incognita often sounds like one of the best copycat of DREAM THEATER I've ever heard: the sound, the voice and musical virtuosity are just perfect. Imitation… so what ? The music's good and the guys don't claim they are the next big thing in Metal. Terra Incognita is only a little too long: had it been shorter, the whole thing would have been stronger because some songs (the latest) sound a little dispensable, like "OK guys, we have 70 minutes to fill in so let's not waste one second of the CD".
Anyway, you should keep an eye on AGE OF NEMESIS and give the guys a chance to work their personality out in the long run.David