AT ALL COST       Circle Of Demons
Century Media (release: July 23rd, 2007)

Century Media Records' managers are shrewd. Just recovered with THE AGONIST, out the same day, here's a brand new sensation. Well, at first sight, an album titled Circle Of Demons, blood-stained musicians… Well, don't know, it will still sound like US Thrash-Hardcore (moreover they're from Austin, Texas). And that's how you are completely wrong !
After a first track which shoots off but in a typical way, you're amazed by the next one and it will last like that until the end. It's difficult to define AT ALL COST's music as it's so various: rather aggressive in the whole but with catchy melodies, APOCALYPTICA styled cellos parts on We Won't Give In, robots' voices (Leaving Forever), choruses in a Neo-Punk way, an Electro break, singer's flights of lyricism, some vitality, a definitely worldwide hit to come (Ride Through The Storm)… enough !
A really exciting release which will make you feel on top of the world at any time and… at all cost !...Laurent