Dockyard 1 (release: July 20th, 2007)

A virus seems to have reached Japan or maybe our friends over there are planning a massive invasion of Sweden (don't forget parkas, guys !), since after LOST EDEN (please take a look at our March 2007 review), here's another Japanese act playing "melodic Death Metal the IN FLAMES way" and they don’t make a secret of it (but there's no alternative).
So we could pass over the subject quickly but as we are conscientious enough to listen to every CD to the very end (yes, we do), you can find a first alert on the fifth track, Pitch Black Room: the tone changes and thus the most narrow-minded Neo Metal maniacs won't enjoy. No, they won't enjoy at all ! Yeah, some amazing keyboards turn the music into some video game soundtrack, still keeping an aggressive touch in the meantime. For sure, it's gonna be a big success in their home country !
Thanks to the arrival of a second vocalist, the various clear singing parts become rather original compared to those you can hear anywhere else, with women's interventions too, so we can't blame them for varying pleasures here. We even think we're gonna have a cover of Kate Bush's Be Running Up That Hill but it's just the intro which suspiciously reminds this song on Innocence. We sure got close to the diplomatic incident (especially plagiarism) ! On the other hand, with Peacemaker, you'll blow yours out… we mean your pacemaker, still for the same reasons as above.
Cunningly trapped in this atmosphere, as the rest of the album remains in the same vein, shall we say that we'll have fun in hip nightclubs after our radio show from now ?...Laurent