BLOODLIGHTS       Bloodlights
Mate In Germany (release: November 16th, 2007)

Coming out from nowhere, Norway, with hardly a few information (got to work this out at the promo office, guys !), BLOODLIGHTS is the new creature of ex-GLUECIFER’s Captain Poon after his band broke up in 2005. With a bunch of guys from nowhere too (err… three guys only: this ain’t medieval Metal with bagpipes and stuff !), Captain Poon is coming out with this first album which could be described as "Post-Punk Melodic Hard ’n Roll" (how d’you like this one ?). Oh, did I mention that this is really great too ?
Packed with rough, energetic and straightforward Rock ’n Roll with loud guitars and catchy choruses, this 12 songs album should delight fans of THE WILDHEARTS, FOO FIGHTERS and stuff. Hey, watch out, BLOODLIGHTS can’t be reduced to "another copy of X or Y" as the guys have their own personality. In my opinion, the closest reference to BLOODLIGHT’s musical world would be American band RUTH RUTH (I enjoyed their Laughing Gallery very much a long time ago: 1995), as Captain Poon’s singing sometimes reminds of Chris Kennedy’s. But now the sound is rather different, so…
Now come on, stop arguing ! Just go buy Bloodlights… if you can find it: it seems to be small label Mate In Germany’s third release only, and I’d never heard of this label before. These guys have a pretty good taste anyway and I can’t wait to see what’s coming next.David