BONESHAKER       Boneshaker
Autoproduction (release: April 2nd, 2007)

Born from various Punk, Rock and Heavy Metal acts, French BONESHAKER is actually the gathering of this kind of guys who love Rock 'n Roll and perfectly prove it. So let's have fun with four songs of their own and three covers.
And it starts fast without warm-up with Ride Me In Hell, on which singer Chris' tone immediately reminds of Bon Scott's voice and, as they have begun their career playing AC/DC stuff (like millions of bands)... well... but everything is wilder here. It's beyond doubt, their lively Hard Rock has an effect and if you don't believe me, ask the overjoyed girl you can hear on In And Out (but maybe it's not the only reason why).
And what about the covers ? Well... interesting choices with Shot Down In Flames, Sin City and High Voltage, taken from... AC/DC and... Bon Scott's period indeed ! Close your eyes and you've got it !
Last important thing: their fourth own song is called We Love It Wild, so do I !...Laurent