DISILLUSION       Gloria
Metal Blade Records (release: October 23rd, 2006)

After you played this Gloria and because of the pretty different artwork on the sleeve, you wonder if it's really the same band which released an excellent first album two years ago, unanimously acclaimed for its originality. Check done, it's really the same. And if you were already expecting on Back To Times Of Splendor that the German trio would go further, it just took a musical U-turn.
Out the nearly Death Metal vocals pieces so, out the 15 minutes songs which were Prog' or Folk influenced too. Not even a transition in opening, you are immediately into it: you deal with a new merging of genres, with a New Wave orientated singing, mixed with Industrial way often, on a Pop-Rock background, with a few brass and Dance Music too ! You shall sort some out yourself to find the too rare crunchy guitars.
The first supporters will have to put their sectarianism aside…Laurent