EXCITER       Thrash Speed Burn
Massacre Records (release: February 22nd, 2008)

Eight years after their last studio effort Blood Of Tyrants (you have to put 2004's re-recorded compilation New Testament aside), guitar player John Ricci, sole survivor of the original line-up, has certainly told his EXCITER's mates: "OK, guys ! Let's remove the dust from our amplifiers and mixing console and here we go !". Unfortunately, they didn't take advantage of this break to listen to up-to-date stuff because one can't say their music has evolved a lot, as the only change is about new vocalist Kenny Winter. Following the example of such bands like AC/DC, they keep playing the same music year after year for their loyal fan base (with these typical repetitive choruses and themes) but they do it well. And they don't give a damn about what other people may think ! So, now's the time to exhume the words "Speed Metal" even if you can find a couple of heavier tracks on this brand new record (Crucifixion and Evil Omen).
On the other hand, you should consider Thrash Speed Burn as a collection of eighties' anthems, made by a band with a 25 years' career. As long as they're honest… But I think next time they'd better record in Abyss Studios, Sweden for instance, so as to get a much more killer sound and thus convince the whole Metal world.
One will say it's good to go back to the roots sometimes, so you can start to bang your head now !...Laurent