FLOWING TEARS       Invanity - Live In Berlin
Ascendance Records (release: October 29th, 2007)

To celebrate their tenth anniversary, German FLOWING TEARS recorded a semi-acoustic live album during the 2004 tour, with rearranged older songs taken from their three previous releases and obviously even less powerful than the studio versions. So, no stage-diving here, especially as the event takes place in a big church of Berlin. The response of the audience is polite, according to the place. However, it might be painful to hold on an entire gig, despite the grace of their atmospheric music, but for the least brave (and most narrow-minded) people, there are only eight tracks on the CD ! The process is quite similar to THE GATHERING's Sleepy Buildings (2004), with whom they'd toured many times in the past. The show amazingly ends with SLAYER's Dead Skin Mask they usually play and that their fans were craving for a record version, with the bewitched voice of Helen Vogt, who replaced Stefanie Duchêne since previous Razorbliss. But in a church… what a sacrilege ! As a bonus track, you'll find another studio cover song: Nick Cave's The Weeping Song, featuring Johan Edlund from TIAMAT in a duet with lovely Helen. Thus, Invanity is a good interlude to be ready for action again after this long break…Laurent