FOREST SILENCE       Philosophy Of Winter
Candlelight Records (release: November 6th, 2006)

Hungarian Black Metal for a change ! This is the side project of a keyboard player named Winter, who usually plays in SEAR BLISS, a well known band (in their place anyway). FOREST SILENCE was created in 1997 but it's their first album, comprised of five tracks only, where playing fast is not their main feature. Actually, everything is a question of fairly oppressive atmospheres here, nearly dark, despite a few relative accelerations, for an invitation to a hypnotic journey.
Anyway, a first interesting attempt, easily listened in one go, especially it doesn't last long (that might be the reason why !). Then, if you have an irresistible urge to go to Hungary to run across forests under the moonlight (no, with your clothes on !), you will probably meet those brave lumberjacks there (cf. promo pictures)...Laurent