French Metal       V/A: Hors des sentiers battus
French Metal (release: November 5th, 2007)

In order to promote our favorite music once again, French Metal webzine produces its fifth compilation called Hors Des Sentiers Battus, a double CD with no less than 40 bands.
First of all, one important thing is that the only criterion to select the artists was the quality of the production. True, you can sometimes find interesting bands on this kind of project but with a poor quality sound which may ruin the rest of their career forever (and the sales of an uneven CD too) ! No trouble here, especially as there are many experienced bands, amongst which well known acts from our national scene, with several albums to their credit: ZUUL FX, LYZANXIA, NO RETURN, HYPNOSIS… to name but a few. But there's a handful of foreign bands "in competition" too (MNEMIC, IN-QUEST, SERGE and KINTRA).
And what about the other ones ? Well… a lot of good self-produced but well produced surprises, with previously unreleased or forthcoming album tracks. How far the age of the demo recorded in a garage and with a tape recorder is ! For you, youngest people: yeah, it did exist !
The first CD is mainly comprised of brutal Death Metal, Thrash and Industrial Metal stuff. But there's no trace of Black Metal. For that reason, MACHINA DEUS EX is like a UFO here with its atmospheric but also strong music.
On the other hand, the second CD is much more varied, with bands mixing Hardcore, Punk, Stoner, Metalcore or even Rap music, such as LEITUSS and its lively Rappel au désordre. Most of them cannot actually be classified. So much the better ! But there's absolutely no trace of Black Metal ! What's goin' on ? Do "legions of Satan" only make shitty productions ?
So, there's a huge choice on this double CD, with particular distinction to N*CEST's catchy Metalcore (besides the name), led by a female singer with a hoarse voice like SKEW SISKIN's Nina C. Alice but in a wider register.
A compilation is a good way to discover new talents, Hors Des Sentiers Battus is the ideal tool made for you... Sorry, I forgot: there's a hidden track (but easy to find) just for fun, a Metal remix of PINK's Get This Party Started. So, do it !...Laurent