HARTMANN       Home
Frontiers Records (release: January 26th, 2007)

OK, it's only January, but this one's heading straight for the title of best A.O.R. album of the year.  Oliver Hartmann has been charting in my Top Ten favourite singers for a couple of years. Once the frontman in AT VANCE, he committed a great Prog' Metal album with Italian keyboards virtuoso Daniele Liverani (GENIUS) under the name of EMPTY TREMOR in 2004.
Same voice, different music: Home is A.O.R., right (or Melodic Rock, if you prefer), but never that kind of "sweeties for my sweety" that gets so boring or even a little ridiculous after two or three songs.
Even though it's different somehow, Home sometimes reminds me of the early MR. BIG, not only by the voice, but also with this little taste of Rythm'n Blues or Soul Music that comes around here and there in songs like Just For You, Why Do I and, of course, the choirs of Crying.
No one's playing the star behind the voice, but every musician is perfectly in place and the sound is undoubtedly Rock (with best regards from the production convict Sascha Paeth). David