HE IS LEGEND       Suck Out The Poison
Century Media (release: January 15th, 2007)

The American Hardcore scene has gone through radical changes for a couple of years. And it’s all for the best as there are new winds blowing from various horizons, bringing scents of distant musical shores.
Ok, let’s get rid of cheap poetry: HE IS LEGEND is goddamn power music, what ya think ! These five guys from North Carolina (anyone got a map ?) are coming forward with their second album and a subtle mix of HxC and Southern Rock with Grunge accents. The guys manage to keep our attention along these 14 tricky tunes, balancing between raging guitars/voices and enlightening melodic choruses. Schuylar Croom’s voice is as unconventional as his name (imagine Ozzy Osbourne getting Screamo) and I don’t even mention the titles of the songs: Attack Of The Dungeon Witch, Mushroom River, The Widow Of Magnolia, The Pot Bellied Goddess, Goldie’s Torn Locks… Too bad it’s rather hard to make out the lyrics (HxC, you know…), but I really wonder what kind of literature they’re into. Don’t miss the grand finale of 8:40 Louds, with this surprising mix of female bluesy vocals, wild guitars and raging voice. Nice stuff, guys… call again !David