HELLFUELED       Memories In Black
Black Lodge (release: May 4th, 2007)

Memories In Black is the third album from this quartet raised by the sound of the chainsaws (and lawnmowers ?) in Huskvarna, Sweden. Now, we should mention the fact right now: if you don't like Ozzy Osbourne's particular singing, you'd better pass HELLFUELED by at once. The music is rather different, but the voice…
OK, now we're between tasteful people (come on, it's a joke). And you will probably enjoy this pure Heavy Metal record which finally makes its way through the dozens of good bands alike because of Andy's singing in the first place. Once you have assimilated the voice enough to put the similarity aside, you can stick to the music. At first, you think: "OK, this is another good and powerful Metal band, so what ?". But in the long run, these guys are able to sprinkle their rather classical Heavy Metal with catchy riffs and solos, and other musical hits that make the difference, like on Warzone, Right Now, Down and Slow Down.
Had it been a little shorter, Memories In Black would have been more convincing… a message to you all, guys (and girls) in the Metal world: we want the best of you and only the best. Profusion is not the recipe to a masterpiece. For a Metal album too, "it's better to burn than fade away".David