Osmose Productions (release: October 19th, 2007)

Tenth studio album for the "troops from hell" and a 15 years partnership with French label Osmose Productions for which our Finn signed the contract with their own blood (well... that's what they say). A real proof of loyalty anyway. And they didn't get into a rut on Manifest, their most varied offering to Satan ever: wild Punk Rock on You Don't Rock Hard, a Power Metal intro on The Calling, bloody heavy Funeral For Despicable Pigs ending with an organ part or unhealthy Dead Return with "possessed to the core" vocalist Mika Luttinen. But don't be scared: the other tracks are in the vein of those which made a name to their nuclear Metal 'til now, with many tempo changes however. And not to forget their usual mascot on Goat Justice !
With this more accessible Manifest (watch out: I didn't say "commercial" ! Don't talk rubbish !) and despite some troubles with German censorship, IMPALED NAZARENE is full of life again, ready to sign for ten more albums !...Laurent