JESUS ON EXTASY       Holy Beauty
Drakkar Records (release: March 30th, 2007)

Ah… a UFO in the Metal scene ! Nevertheless, here's a release from an irreproachable record company. But forget your bias about electronic music and let's have a look (and an ear) at JESUS ON EXTASY, German act formed in Bochum by Deveraux brothers, Dorian and Chai, which is now a mixed quartet since the arrival of both lovely Alicia (guitar, ex-PAIN) and Ophelia (synthesizer, ex-RYA). And to get a complete picture of the situation, Holy Beauty is their first outlet.
Well, that starts with heavy guitars on Assassinate Me, even if we already feel these so particular rhythms and keyboards, then it carries on a rather New Wave way (but not "Of British Heavy Metal" one) with Nuclear Bitch and we end up straight on the dance floor with Drowning. Next comes Neochrome, really Indus' this one. Phew ! We work up a sweat again under the disco ball on 2nd Skin.
Are you still there ? Not sure. The guided tour becomes quieter with Alone and Puppet (I feel alone too, now) then it starts again as an Electro-New Wave mixture, with this typical low and nonchalant voice… and so on, former styles alternated, ending with a remix of the opening track, made by pioneers KMFDM.
But watch out, don't be mistaken: there are guitars. Keyboards too, but guitars as well. So, you'll have to make your own opinion. If you want for instance to make a festive break or gently introduce the brand new girlfriend you've met in a disco (!) to the dark side of music, here is the kind of good record that will do indeed.Laurent