LOFOFORA       Mémoire de singes
At(h)ome (release: October 8th, 2007)

LOFOFORA’s Mémoire de singes is French (and French-speaking) Metal veterans’ sixth studio album. Reuno and his band have built the reputation of one of the most genuine independent French Rock act through fifteen years of writing protest songs, recording powerful albums and intensive touring the country of cheese and wine. This particular regime has not reduced their energy and their commitment to wake the conscience of our sick, cupid and cynical society. In both those particular respects, Mémoire de singes stands as another incendiary bomb thrown at the face of the sick motherf***ers that have taken control of the world. For you guys abroad, let’s say that LOFOFORA might be the French breed of MINISTRY and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE: beginning with, let’s say, some kind of Nu-Metal (that can still be traced in the Rap sonorities of Torture) with Punk Rock roots, the band has now turned to a fast, ruthless and radical Hardcore act. Still, their music shows a certain subtlety in the long run.
Reuno’s voice and rabid singing remain as LOFOFORA’s personal touch that makes the band impossible to confuse, while the guys on guitars and drums are hammering at Big Brother like the guns of the allied fleet at Omaha Beach on D-Day.
From the forthcoming suicide of our consumers’ civilization (Mémoire de singes) to the stinking revival of nationalism and some kind of colonial pride in France (Tricolore), through the disquieting renewal of religious fundamentalism worldwide (Dernier jugement) and the slavery of mankind through the Blessed Laws of the Holy Market and its propaganda (Employé du mois, Tous les mêmes, Comme des bêtes)… Mémoire de singes stands as the wild, desperate and furious soundtrack of the 21st century. In this country where the exodus of capital of a multimillionaire ex-youth idol is regarded as the ultimate Rock ’n Roll attitude, LOFOFORA is getting things straight and offering us a tonic puff of fresh air through the putrefied atmosphere of the New World Order.
You guys abroad, this album is the one good reason to learn French, but if you’re really hopeless with foreign languages, you will appreciate the music for itself anyway: sometimes, words are unnecessary to make the message clear: No future !David