LOVEHATEHERO       White Lies
Ferret Music (release: February 19th, 2007)

White Lies is the second album of these young Americans in their early 20s. Grown up the hard way during two years on the road, the five pack entered the studio with producer Cameron Wells (SOCIAL DISTORTION) to record this ten songs piece. OK, they look like cover boys for teenage chicks magazines and your little sister will probably scream: "Oh my god, they're so cute !" but never mind, their heart beats to the HxC rhythm, no doubt. Melodic HxC, indeed, and the guitars have some kind of a Metal touch. There's a Screamo touch, too (and your little sister will get back to TOKIO HOTEL there), but it's not too intrusive. This new wave of American HxC (N.W.O.A.H.C. ?) owes a great deal to bands like SHELTER and BAD RELIGION, but not only. One could find worst references, indeed.David