MAEDER       Maeder
Locomotive Records (release: September 28th, 2007)

- Rock band + Australia + brothers + new album in 2007… err, let me see… you don’t mean… ?
- No, I don’t ! We’re talking about the Maeder brothers, Nic and Sebastian. Along with bassist Kit Riley and drummer Travis Dragani, they’re coming forward as a band under the name of… MAEDER with their first album calleOne might say they really lack imagination and fear that… and still, I must admit the first guitar chords of Never Last really sound like we’re gonna have another copycat of the Young brothers’ band. Hey, wait a minute: it’s not as simple as that.
MAEDER is presenting us with an intelligent blend of classic Aussie rock and melodic vocals, the whole stuff resulting in catchy songs with greasy vintage sound. Nic Maeder’s voice is smoother than Bon Scott or Angry Anderson’s, still rough enough to recall that this is Hard Rock. Some might say that this sounds like AC/DC playing GOTTHARD songs (and the two brothers spent some time in Switzerland)… well, why not, but it’s very pleasant indeed !
MAEDER is the not the kind of band that will move the Metal landscape upside down, still it would be such a shame to ignore this album and deprive oneself of the pleasure of this 12 songs-necklace because it’s only made of pearls and not diamonds.David