MASS HYSTERIA       Une somme de details
At(h)ome (release: April 10th, 2007)

After a couple of rather Pop-Rock orientated albums, French MASS HYSTERIA returns with a "back to the roots" bomb. And there are no more "exotic" experiments as on Contraddiction (1999); everything is straight, heavy and anti-Establishment here. Every track hits the jackpot, louder than ever, with gloomy but also optimistic lyrics which drill your brain. Nothing to throw away indeed. Still in shock with this really great breaker and following the heaviest song Une joie kamikaze, the quiet last track (Briller pour toi) is a tribute to Micka, bass player of French Rock band DOLLY, who died in a car crash in May 2005. Manu Monet, DOLLY's female vocalist (who also participated in APOCALYPTICA's self-titled album the same year), joins Mouss for a touching duet.
As when they created a sensation ten years ago with their first effort (Le bien être et la paix), energy is still present, minus the surprise. And for people who are not convinced yet, they should acclaim them on stage, in a hot and festive show, trust me. And then… tu respectes !...Laurent