Ferret Music (release: March 20th, 2007)

This American band from Birmingham, Alabama was created in 2004 and Two is only their second album (how did you guess ?). Apparently, this one is based on a true gangster story which ended up tragically in Florida in 1935. Two is an original blend of various rough stuff, which often sounds like MAYLENE and the sons of "ROSE TATTO meets modern HxC" (Plenty Strong And Plenty Wrong). This band undoubtedly brings something new to the good old Hard Rock 'n Roll school: the six guys (with three guitars again, it looks like epidemic in the southern states) stand as "wayward children" at musical crossroads, ready to take you aside from the usual Hard Rock path (e.g. Dry The River, Wylie, Death Is An Alcoholic). The album ends surprisingly gently with a nice ballad, Tale Of The Runaways and a peaceful instrumental, The Day Hell Broke Loose At Sicard Hollow, as the night falls down on the bayou after a ruthless gunfight (see the cover of the album).David