MINISTRY       The Last Sucker
13th Planet Records (release: September 21st, 2007)

Frontman Al Jourgensen announced that The Last Sucker will be MINISTRY’s final studio album. For a couple of years now, his work as an artist had merged with his individual commitment to denounce American president George W. Bush and his administration’s political erring. Now that the "President of the Earth" is about to leave, Jourgensen feels like having a break and getting into something new. But he’s too good a fellow to let his old friend Dubya go without a retirement gift.
And it’s a trilogy: after Houses Of The Molé (2004) and Rio Grande Blood (2006), here’s The Last Sucker (guess who the sucker is…).
"Greed… Power… Corruption…" another big punch on the nose of the bastards who wanted to rule the world and suck the last dollar out of it, but it’s all good for us !
The Last Sucker is not as easy to get into as Rio Grande Blood was: you’ll have to play it a couple of times to appreciate the subtlety behind the sonic storm. But in the end (and that’s the miracle with MINISTRY) each and every song carves its own groove into your brains, from the heavy End Of Days to the primal HxC/Punk anthem Die In A Crash. Special guests Dubya and his minion Dick Cheney reluctantly appear on backing vocals (Death And Destruction, The Dick Song) for our greatest pleasure (it’s not "Spinal Tap" every day in the Metal world). Burton C. Bell (FEAR FACTORY) was probably more cooperative on Die In A Crash and End Of Days, while one can wonder how Jim Morrison would like the hyper speed version of Roadhouse Blues (personally, I dig it !).
MINISTRY’s swan song was recorded with the help of talented PRONG mates Tommy Victor (guitar) and Paul Raven (bass), who already backed Jourgensen on Rio Grande Blood. THE REVOLTING COCKS’ tour guitarist Sin Quirin was also part of the process.
Unfortunately, while MINISTRY was planning to blow their final firework on tour over the world in 2008, bassist Paul Raven died of a heart attack on October 20th, one month after the release of the album. According to the press release, he was working on French Metal legend TREPONEM PAL’s comeback release in Switzerland.
Al Jourgensen announced that he was now to devote himself to his label 13th Planet Records, swapping the microphone for the studio gear and MINISTRY for collaboration with new artists. Dubya’s almost gone, right, but who will speak to America’s conscience if he leaves a clone behind ? The last sucker, really ? "Greed… Power… Corruption…": there are lots of candidates worldwide.David