NOCTURNAL FEARS       Ghosts From The Past
Inner Quest (release: May 7th, 2007)

Ah… the 90's ! What a good time, especially in Lille (northern France) where there were dozens of specialized record shops, rehearsal rooms in any basement, gigs galore every nights and above all, loads of go-ahead bands. Some of them managed to rise to the top of the French scene (what do you mean, "it wasn't really difficult" ?!) such as LOUDBLAST or SUPURATION, to name but a few (what do you mean, "they are the only ones" ?!). And what about the other ones ? Yes, every unlucky group, including NOCTURNAL FEARS, which didn't make a name for themselves, eaten up with line-up troubles. Well, forgotten !...
It's a great surprise but a real pleasure to see them back without warning to celebrate their 16 years career. Why neither 15 nor 20 ? No idea. However, Anton Jovanovic and Jean-Noël Bonnaillie, left founding duet, take the opportunity to re-release their discography in a CD format, comprised of demos, Various Artists records or mini-CD, adding a few live tracks. It's an interesting initiative which allows to see the band's development, having started from bloody heavy Death Metal to Industrial Metal, with smooth guitars parts on narrative vocals as a trademark.
Memories ! Well, now we dried our tears, you should go back to song-writing, folks !...Laurent