NOISEBAZOOKA       Woolgathering Urban Antipodeans
Burnside Records (release: December 19th, 2007)

Ah… those Grindcore bands ! They never worry about us, poor radio stars… Thus, NOISEBAZOOKA, a raging duet from Austria, comprised of Almir and Samir, is on top of perversion. Check it out: a 99 tracks outlet with songs which last from two seconds to a little more than a minute !!! Aaaaargh ! It's impossible to take a single out for French commercial radio networks ! But I think they both wouldn't be interested anyway.
And now, I'm gonna list every track… Just kidding ! So, let's listen to the music. Aaaaargh again ! It's a sound flood which drills your eardrums and a drum machine running at least at 728 BPM which fries your brain cells ! As I'm writing this review, we're already on track #37, a remix of a funny musical theme from the 80s but I don't remember the title. Hey, I do listen to every song ! But I must take a break now.
A little later… I'm back and it's still raw, sharp and loud. But it's not due to ruthless riffs because there are no riffs, relating to the length of the tracks. Moreover, keyboards and samples used here often make this kind of Acid Grind sound like the wildest Techno music, with extra screams. And this hour of fury ends with a ten minutes (!) "quiet" song. Well… a subjective quietness in a cold and gloomy atmosphere, where a heady background sound slyly dissolves the remains of your brain, while a strange animal howls at the moon. This will finish you off, if you're not dead yet.
Is there anyone in the audience to unstick me from the wall now, please ?...Laurent