OMNIUM GATHERUM       Stuck Here On Snakes Way
Candlelight Records (release: April 2nd, 2007)

Many Nordic acts have been able to evolve in an excellent way, after having started like everyone in a hard-line Death Metal. In this field, Finnish OMNIUM GATHERUM already have a good lead over the competition 'cause their music is beyond basic melodic Death Metal. The change of vocalist and record company, as on each of their three albums by the way, doesn't seem to decrease the quality of the song-writing, where different styles are combined but with the whole staying coherent perfectly. The great musicians mastery express itself with Heavy Metal pieces on Bastard-O, "psychedelic" keyboards sometimes, out of standard riffs on Spiritual or the very atmospheric Just Signs. But take care, power is here indeed and most of the songs stir as they should. OMNIUM GATHERUM really stands out from the crowd and if they carry on that way, we shall soon say it's top-class.Laurent