PANTHEON I       The Wanderer And His Shadow
Candlelight Records (release: April 2nd, 2007)

Even though The Wanderer And His Shadow starts as typical Black Metal, we quickly realize (after 57 seconds) that we deal with something serious here. Yeah, the presence of a violin and a cello is quite uncommon in this kind of band and thus we get really melancholic moments on Where Angels Burn or My Curse. But the other tracks will also satisfy every fan of instrumental techniques at the service of epic songs, as on the leading track or Folk parts (Coming To An End). But don't worry: you will also have your dose of brutality all along this enthralling work, which go all out by the way on the last song. Well, it must be genetic, even if Norwegian acts generally got into the habit of releasing marvels for a short time like this successful PANTHEON I's second album, beyond all doubt.Laurent