POISON THE WELL       Versions
Ferret Music (release: April 2nd, 2007)

Take care: we're out of usual spheres with POISON THE WELL because if these Americans moved to Sweden to record this album, that doesn't mean they play melodic Death Metal (not all, even so !). They offer us some complex music because the songs are extremely varied, going from "ambient" Rock on Slow Good Morning or Riverside (with brass) to typical Garage Rock guitar sounds on Naive Monarch, still keeping a latent aggressiveness, even on the slowest parts. Born from a "noisy" scene which tends to renew in United States, here is a quality band indeed, which deserves to dwell on it to assimilate its music, and it will only be after several successive listenings. The true Metal maniacs should be disappointed but they must be eclectic from time to time !...Laurent