PRONG       Power Of The Damager
13th Planet Records (release: October 5th, 2007)

Tommy Victor left us in mourning in 1996, after the release of the astounding Rude Awakening. Powerful, dark and groovy all the same, the album was the diamond at the top of a ten years career and quite a couple of great LPs (hey, didn't have a CD player in the eighties !).
Anyway, Tommy was quite busy for the next years, playing with such talented personalities as Rob Zombie, Glenn Danzig and MINISTRY's Al Jourgensen. One could have worse as a CV !
Tommy Victor reactivated PRONG in 2002 with Scorpio Rising, a studio album that I've never heard because it's really hard to find round here… so I have nothing to say about that one.
Now, about Power Of The Damager… well, I've played it quite a couple of times, still I remain in a state of confusion. No doubt, PRONG's trademark is here, which means the album will rise above the traditional bunch of dozens of good productions with no personality. But Power Of The Damager sometimes sounds like it's been recorded in a hurry, the worst thing being the vocals that turn now and then into some kind of approximate growls, screams or exasperating yellings which sound totally inappropriate (No Justice, Messages Inside Of Me). Sounds like anger has gone out of control there. Too bad, as those songs are not bad as a whole.
Still, most tracks are really worth the trip in a way or another, like The Banishment, Worst Of It, Pure Ether, Looking For Them and the title track Power Of The Damager.
Power Of The Damager will not replace Rude Awakening in my favorite albums catalogue, still PRONG remains one of the most authentic and original bands in America nowadays.David