Richie KOTZEN       Return Of The Mother Head's Family Reunion
Frontiers Records (release: October 19th, 2007)

As you may guess from the review in these very pages, I was rather disappointed by Richie's Into The Black last year. Seems like he's taken the advice: Return... is much more lively, therefore more convincing. The MOTHER HEAD'S FAMILY REUNION has gathered quite a bunch of talented guys with various influences, and the result is that very particular kind of... let me see... Groove Metal ? Hard 'n Blues ? Soul Rock ? S..t, listen to the album and make your own opinion. Return... opens with a pair of good groovy tunes: Go Faster and You Know That. Then comes Fooled Again which sounds like Stevie Wonder meets Jimi Hendrix, with this final four minutes guitar solo (nooooo, don't run away, it's really great !). You also have cooler and more classical tunes like Faith and Chase It, and bluesy or boogie songs like Bad Things and Can You Feel It, which recalls of Richie's time in MR. BIG.
Return... is not a brutal turning point in Richie Kotzen's musical journey, but it sounds like he's back to business after a good nap that lasted a little too long. Go on, Richie, the audience is listening !David