SERENITY       Words Untold & Dreams Unlived
Massacre Records (release: April 30th, 2007)

Germany's SERENITY is a five-piece act that sails the seas of Progressive Metal. Initially created in 2001, the band went through several changes and finally found musical balance about three years later.
So I did say "Germany", didn't I ? Well, even though it starts with some kind of Egyptian tune like you might think you're listening to the soundtrack of "the return of the mummies from hell" or something, Worlds Untold… actually sounds like Nordic Prog' Metal. OK, you get some Power Metal tinges here and there (Engraved Within, Dead Man Walking) and a discrete growl once in a while. OK, the orchestral parts in Circle Of My 2nd Life have some kind of an early ANGRA aftertaste. But…
Georg Neuhauser's voice and singing remind very much of SONATA ARCTICA's Tony Kakko, and the music itself, actually… well, this album is just another brick in the wall of European Prog' Metal. It sounds good, the musicians and vocalist are right in place, but you spend more than 45 minutes waiting for something to happen and there's strictly no surprise.
First album, right: now you guys have to prove that you can also swim on top of the wave, lest you might get drowned in the ocean of "correct" Prog' Metal bands.David