SIDEBURN       The Newborn Sun
Buzzville Records (release: March 26th, 2007)

The cover speaks for itself: these four guys from Sweden play Stoner Metal. Well… OK, I sometimes wonder how anyone can listen to a complete Stoner album if they haven't smoked a 10.000 m² carpet before (in french, "smoking the carpet" means… now come on, you know what that means !). But SIDEBURN's Newborn Sun (their second full-length) might be the album that will make you change your mind about Stoner if you think it's a real pain in the ass. The voice often reminds of Glenn Danzig, Ian Astbury, not to mention Jim Morrison. Most songs have their own personality that grasps your attention somehow, with hints to musical references as STEPPENWOLF (if you don't know what's STEPPENWOLF, you're too young and certainly not "born to be wild"), THE DOORS (Top Of The World), LED ZEPPELIN (A Piece Of Shade). A little glimpse to KYYRIA (great Finnish band…) with When The Day Dies, and another milestone is Another Day In The Blue, a nice ballad blessed by the ghost of Jimi Hendrix. Now if you're only into Grind or Punk Rock, you may as well forget about it right now…David