SIRENIA       Nine Destinies And A Downfall
Nuclear Blast (release: February 23rd, 2007)

H.C. Andersen must be spinning in his grave: his legendary siren has left Denmark for a not-so-distant shore. She's now singing in a Norwegian band under the name of Monika Pedersen. She's the new vocalist of Morten Veland's SIRENIA (formerly in TRISTANIA). No one would have fitted best for a band with such a name, as Monika has one of the most charming voices around the Gothic Metal shores. Sweet, mysterious, a little broken sometimes, as if she was carrying the burden of hundreds of sailors tragically drowned for answering her call. Of course, it would be unfair not to mention the talented Mr. Veland for writing and playing this original soundtrack for the renowned episode of Ulysses' saga. Nine Destinies… is not the darkest, desperate kind of Gothic Metal but the symphonic arrangements and choirs will rather suggest some kind of very original Epic Gothic Metal.David