SKEW SISKIN       Peace Breaker
Underclass Music (release: July 7th, 2007)

Coming back after hard times, due to serious personal troubles of vocalist Nina C. Alice, SKEW SISKIN took the bull by the horns and had to release this Peace Breaker as a self production, despite a tidy career behind them. Distributor Underclass Music had the good idea to release it in France since then.
Once again, the spirit of MOTÖRHEAD hangs over most of the songs (all ?) especially as Lemmy cosigns the lyrics of four tracks, and they have roamed together so many times ! Moreover, Nina sings the same way (although she has quite a different tone !) while being much cuter than old Kilmister ! So, we lose nothing on the deal…
Obviously, nothing's new in their wild Hard Rock 'n Roll but it would be a miracle to play something original in this genre anyway. No, the main point is to have fun, although they seem to bear the whole world a grudge ! The troop is also stimulated again by the arrival of experienced Randy Black (ex-ANNIHILATOR) on drums, even if the rhythm slows down on the almost Blues songs I Don't Care or Can't Hear You. Anyway, for those who complain for nothing, the band teaches us courage here. There's only one good painkiller to get rid of your problems: Rock 'n Roooooooll !...Laurent