THE AGONIST       Once Only Imagined
Century Media (release: July 23rd, 2007)

It's always difficult and simplistic to compare a band to another or a musician to another. But with THE AGONIST (ex-THE TEMPEST), it's important to stress about the original feature of these Canadians. And the outstanding fact here lies in the dazzling performance of their female vocalist, Alissa White-Gluz, as we can say her vocal spectrum spreads from Angela Gossow (ARCH ENEMY) to Amy Lee (EVANESCENCE). Extremes or what ?! She will certainly forgive us this comparative shortcut because these are quality references.
It's musically the same since her three mates intelligently mix different styles which perfectly suit to the singing: in turn fast and heavy, furious or melancholy, with some lyrics based on ecological concerns (it must be the latest fashion). Add a beautiful sleeve painted by Nathalie Shau and you get the big success of this summer (and even more) in view !Laurent