THE SENSELESS       In The Realm Of The Senseless
Anticulture Records (release: May 21st, 2007)

Well… no, it's not a new "Best of BEACH BOYS" or maybe doped with… OK, in short. No, THE SENSELES is actually the solo project of Sam Bean, bass player in Australian THE BERZERKER who, after ten years of thinking and song-writing, give birth to a UFO (ouch !) which will move the extreme Metal world.
This guy is helped by his companion Matt Wilcock on guitars and by a drummer recruited on one of the many planets from Xuenylom galaxy (no terrestrial life form being able to play that fast) 'cause it runs at 207 mph. You can easily understand why the surfer on the sleeve is about to come a cropper: it's because of the breaker caused by this sound shock wave, which will carry you away too, even settled well in an armchair. And final opposite showing you should take it at 47th degree humour, the album end with… well, let's say a House Music track because it's not our specialty and it's out of our talk bounds. Perhaps it's also information about the content of the next album. Who knows ?...
Anyway, even if you fasten your surfboard-belt, you won't escape uninjured from this breathtaking experience. Isn't it crazy ?!Laurent