ZUUL FX       Live Free Or Die
Equilibre Music (release: March 1st, 2007)

After last year's huge success with By The Cross, with good record sales and great stage performances as well, but also acclaimed by European medias (Bruce Dickinson himself have made their promotion on BBC1), you have to note some changes with ZUUL FX. First of all, Karim, a brand new axeman, graduate from a music school like his rhythm section mates, is here to boost the songs. Next, a better production making their Thrash-Industrial Metal mix more homogeneous. Last but not least, the improvement, you can even say the metamorphosis of Steeve Petit (ex-NO RETURN) on the many clear voice pieces you can still find on this second album, so much that you wonder first if he doesn't share the mike with another singer !
ZUUL FX had already driven the nail at first attempt, they've just smashed the plank !...Laurent