DAKRYA       Monumento
Another Sphere Records (release: May 23rd, 2008)

DAKRYA comes from Greece and Monumento is the first album from this hopeful band. They define their music as Theatrical Atmospheric Metal so you can find here what to expect: two female singers (lead and classic vocals), keyboards, piano, sweet melodies… and so on. The other thing you could expect in this musical style is the presence of brutal vocals the Death Metal way. And here they are, thanks to Dagwn from NETHESCERIAL! Thus, this record isn't that original to fall flat on your back because it sounds a little like many bands at their debut (THEATRE OF TRAGEDY, WITHIN TEMPTATION… to name but a few).
But remember, this is their first one (fully composed by female keyboard player SophiaX) so you should consider it another way. You discover many qualities then: the three kinds of voices are subtly shared, the arrangements are much worked, guitars are present without being overwhelming, the tempo often speeds up (Reflexions And Illusions, Waters Of Oblivion…) to bring energy back when necessary, which make the whole well balanced. It's not a collection of ballads anyway, even if all ends with Wingless Souls, a gloomy song in an orchestral version.
Monumento is finally a very pleasant first album on which DAKRYA's members already raise the bar high…Laurent